Concentration/Viscosity/Density Measurement Concentration and Viscosity Measurements in Industrial Processes

Author / Editor: Gerald Schwarz / Dr. Jörg Kempf

To optimize their raw material and energy consumption, more and more plant operators measure required data such as concentration, density or viscosity directly in the process line. The transfer of common laboratory measuring methods into industrial processes often represents a considerable challenge.

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Anton Paar provides a strong team for challenging application developments in process measurement technology.
Anton Paar provides a strong team for challenging application developments in process measurement technology.
(Picture: Anton Paar)

Which sensor or combination of sensors ideally measures and/or monitors liquids in production? For more than 30 years, Anton Paar has made sure to provide its customers with extensive and professional support in considering this decision-making process. This extends to the collection of information on the composition of measured products, the concentration and temperature range as well as the actual objective of the measurement. Many years of experience in lab as well as process measurement lay the groundwork for developing solutions tailored to the application in question.

The experts of Anton Paar also help users determine where the sensor should ideally be placed and support them throughout the installation of the high-precision instruments or complete systems, as well as offer an optimized service after the sensors are installed and integrated into the daily workflow. With its global sales and service network — Anton Paar currently has 20 subsidiaries and 65 distribution partners — the company is present in more than 110 countries. This is especially advantageous for plant construction, as many plants are started up in other countries than those in which they were developed and their components were produced.

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Highly qualified engineers with international experience, chemists, process engineers and brewers form a team and familiarize themselves with all workflows and wishes of the plant operators, after which they determine the actual conditions and set up a detailed analysis. The process team is thoroughly dedicated to finding the best suited measuring principle and the ideal process sensor for characterizing the sample in question.

What’s the Core Element of an Application Development?

The core element of an application development is the creation of a mathematical model with which to convert the measured physical properties into the required process parameters, such as concentration or density at a reference temperature.

In this respect, the selection of a suitable sensor or combination of sensors and the development of the concentration formula are just as important as the development of new sensors. With Anton Paar’s wide product range at its disposal, the process application team has a multitude of cutting-edge laboratory measurement technology options to work with, in order to perform the laboratory analysis required to develop the mathematical models.

A further possibility is on-site measurements, since some samples cannot be transferred from the process into a laboratory environment. What is more, certain samples cannot leave the plant for reasons of security or confidentiality. The measurements can be performed in the process or in the customer’s laboratory. Anton Paar provides the necessary measuring instruments. Additionally, the close cooperation with renowned partner institutes and universities gives way to permanent progress.

The aim is to develop and implement a solution to the process measurement task together with the customer. A team of expertly trained service engineers appropriately installs the process sensor and/or sensor combination. Finally, the measuring system is tested to ensure that the specifications are met.

The measurement task becomes more complex if there are reversal points in the measuring range. More on the next page.

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