Compressors Compressor Series Ready for the ASME World Market

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Mehrer Compression introduces its TVx-Compressor Series to the North American markets. With this move, the company has made its series ready for the ASME world market.

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Ready-to-ship compressor with new flanges.
Ready-to-ship compressor with new flanges.
(Source: Mehrer Compression)

Mehrer achieved clarification for the US market and for six Canadian Provinces for their TVX-900 Series V-type compressors. This type represents the currently large compressor blocks of the firm and is used in many applications for a broad range of gases. As all compressors of the company, the new series is a dry gas compressor, meaning the compression compartment is sealed by dry seals so that the gas does not get contaminated by any presence of oil or other lubricants. This enables applications in the growing international hydrogen market or all applications where toxic, explosive or expensive gases need to be transported or compressed, states the firm.

The new series comes as a belt driven version but can also be equipped with a direct coupled electrical motor. By default, the new compressor is a two stage double acting compressor. Building blocks exists for various pressure ranges from ambient pressure up to 65bar (i.e. 940 PSI) absolute pressure and different flow ranges up to 2000 m3/h. This makes the new series a versatile product for different applications. So far, for the ISO-driven markets, only, mentions the company.

The firm’s solution was to enhance their proven TVx-900 compressor series originally developed for the European market. The solution comprises ASME certified weld-on flanges with a width of three, four, and five inches and a SS10 wall thickness which are adapted to the original ISO threads, adds the company. After achieving the ASME certification, the firm was also granted the Canadian approval in March 2021.