China: 100 KTA Plant Butadiene Plant Built by Wison in China Starts Up Successfully

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

Nanjing Chengzhi Yongqing Energy Technology's new 100 KTA butene-to-butadiene plant, built by Wison Engineering, started up successfully and produced on-spec butadiene. The plant was deployed with Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Butene-to-Butadiene (ODH) proprietary technology licensed by Wison, and built by the company through an EPC contract.

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100 KTA Butadiene Plant Built by Wison Engineering
100 KTA Butadiene Plant Built by Wison Engineering
(Source: Bao Wenhui/ Wison Engineering)

Shanghai/China — Wison has completed the first commercial project for integrating an ODH plant with an MTO plant. The plant in China also constitutes the second commercial application of the engineering company's ODH technology and catalyst. The project achieved high-standard mechanical completion on May 8, 2019. Through a full pre-startup preparation, the ODH plant started feed-in on August 7 and produced on-spec butadiene with purity of 99.9 % on August 11, marking successful start-up of the plant and setting a new record in short start-up duration for the similar plants.

The ODH technology and catalyst were developed by Wison in 2013, and commercialized in 2016. In the first licensed plant, ODH catalyst retained its high activity after 3000 hours continuous operation time without regeneration. The catalyst performance remained robust with 80.0 % n-butene conversion rate, 93 % butadiene selectivity and over 74 % butadiene yield. Beside Capex saving, production cost was cut down by RMB 1,400 per ton, and therefore improved project economics.

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