Plant Engineering Bilfinger to Deliver Reactor Skids for New mRNA-Based Active Ingredients Production Unit

Editor: Ahlam Rais

A leading biopharmaceutical company has selected Bilfinger to support the development of its new production facility for mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid)-based active ingredients. Under the terms of the contract, Bilfinger will deliver prefabricated skids i.e. molecular biological reactors as well as build the plant’s process piping systems.

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Bilfinger develops, manufactures and assembles modules for biopharmaceutical systems.
Bilfinger develops, manufactures and assembles modules for biopharmaceutical systems.
(Source: Bilfinger)

Mannheim/Germany – Bilfinger is supporting a well-known biopharmaceutical company in the construction of a new industrial production facility for mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid)-based active ingredients. The industrial services provider delivers the molecular biological reactors that are the core of the new plant. Bilfinger is also responsible for the construction of the plant’s process piping systems. The ‘ultra-fast track project’ will be completed in less than a year. To flexibly meet the demands of installation peaks, there will at times be up to 60 Bilfinger employees on site.

A team from Bilfinger Industrietechnik Salzburg has been working under extreme time pressure on the implementation of the project since summer 2021. The experts are responsible for the process piping construction for the entire plant, including all assembly, welding and documentation work. Various media required for active ingredient production will flow through the process piping later on.

The scope of services includes engineering, production, assembly, qualification and commissioning of molecular biological reactors, delivered as prefabricated ‘skids’.

The skids are manufactured and pre-assembled in Bilfinger's workshops in Salzburg, Austria, where they are also tested and prequalified under realistic operating conditions. The strict requirements laid out by the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)-standards of the biopharmaceutical industry apply. Prefabrication allows the installation and commissioning phases to be completed on site in record time.

The molecular biological reactors are the key component for the production of messenger RNA. mRNA is a messenger substance that contains the building instructions for the production of proteins. Use of mRNA technology in vaccines and drugs enables the body's own cells to form antigens and thus prevent and fight diseases. The mRNA-based active ingredients manufactured at the new production facility will be used to treat a range of diseases and infections. In addition to cancer medication and molecular therapies, prophylactic vaccines against malaria, yellow fever, rabies and Covid-19 are also produced.