Circular Economy BASF to Buy Pyrolysis Oil from Arcus Greencycling

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Under an agreement signed between both the parties, BASF will purchase Arcus Greencycling Technologies’ pyrolysis oil which has been created from mixed plastic waste. The chemical firm intends to use the oil as a raw material in its production plants for manufacturing high-quality polyamides.

BASF and Arcus conclude an agreement on the production and procurement of pyrolysis oil from mixed plastic waste.
BASF and Arcus conclude an agreement on the production and procurement of pyrolysis oil from mixed plastic waste.
(Source: BASF)

Ludwigshafen/Germany – BASF has concluded a framework agreement for the purchase of pyrolysis oil from mixed plastic waste with Arcus Greencycling Technologies, a technology company based in Ludwigsburg, Germany. The two companies want to contribute their respective know-how to the value chain in order to return plastic waste that is not recycled mechanically in the sense of a circular economy and reduce CO2 emissions. Arcus will supply BASF with pyrolysis oil and expand its capacities in the coming years. BASF will use the oil in its production plants as a raw material for the production of Ccycled products.

The Arcus process demonstration unit built in Frankfurt is the first of its kind on a commercial scale in Germany and produces pyrolysis oil from mixed plastic waste that is not recycled mechanically. “With the guaranteed purchase of the oil produced, Arcus can build further plants with higher capacity and thus make a significant contribution to closing material cycles together with BASF,” said Daniel Odenthal, Chief Operating Officer of Arcus Greencycling Technologies. The agreement foresees the take-up to be increased to up to 100,000 tons of pyrolysis oil per year.

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“The collaboration with Arcus underscores BASF’s commitment to conserving resources by using recycled raw materials in the chemical industry and to drive the transition to a circular economy,” said Christoph Gahn, Vice President Chemical Recycling Business & Technologies at BASF.

The agreement is another building block in the expansion of BASF’s Chemcycling business, which focuses on the chemical recycling of non-recycled post-consumer plastic waste on an industrial scale.


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