Paraxylene-Production Axens to built Crude-to-Paraxylene Complex in China

Editor: Anke Geipel-Kern

Axens awarded the first Crude-to-Paraxylene Complex in China from Hengli Petrochemical.

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Paraxylene is a raw material for PET.
Paraxylene is a raw material for PET.
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Dalian – Hengli Petrochemical Co. Ltd has selected Axens to supply technologies for its Petrochemical project to be located at Changxing Island in China's Liaoning Province. This “crude-to-paraxylene” complex with a capacity of processing 400 000 BPSD (barrels-per-day) of crude will supply high purity paraxylene to PTA plants (Purified Terephthalic Acid) for PET application.

The complex includes a final-conversion refinery oriented towards the production of naphtha and an aromatic complex to maximize high purity paraxylene production.

As part of the project, Axens will provide the following technologies:

  • two parallel trains of H-Oil RC units, using ebullated bed technology, for the hydroconversion of vacuum residue, combined with a Solvahl deasphalting unit for processing the unconverted residue,
  • two hydrocracking (HyK) units for processing straight run vacuum distillate and those produced by the H-Oil™RC unit along with the deasphalted oil from the Solvahl™ unit,
  • two parallel trains of hydrocracking units to process atmospheric gasoil in maximum naphtha production mode,
  • one naphtha hydrotreating unit,
  • three parallel aromizing™ units using a continuous catalytic regenerative (CCR) reforming process to maximize aromaticsproduction from naphtha,
  • two parallel Aromatics chains using Eluxyl 1.15 technology for paraxylene purification combined with Oparis technology for full isomerization of other C8 aromatics into paraxylene,
  • one MTBE unit.

The Company tells, the new complex will be the largest site in the world for the production of high purity paraxylene along with LPG, gasoline and diesel fuels meeting China five specifications, jet fuel and base lube oils, the pitch from Solvahl feeding a gazification unit. Axens’ large technology portfolio and ability to maximize naphtha production, and therefore paraxylene production, were key criteria for selecting Axens as the main technology provider.

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