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Digitalization in the process industry: the first greenfield plants are already exploiting the full potential of Industry 4.0
Milestone Digitization/IIoT

Impetus for Digital Transformation

Digitalization and Industry 4.0 have arrived in the process industry — a lot more quickly and with far greater penetration than some would have believed of this generally conservative, safety-minded sector. It was precisely the process automation experts for the large chemical companies who recognized the potential opportunities at an early stage, and drove forward the required developments, particularly the necessary standardization. Siemens is amongst the pace-setters on the supplier side. In the course of this progression, the supplier of automation and electrification engineering has become a software giant able to offer its customers a digital solution for practically every challenge.

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Dr. Christopher Braun, CEO of Gea Wiegand, “Innovation is a very strong driving force that secures our future.”
Exclusive-Interview: Milestone Separation Technology

“Every new Plant Is Packed with Innovation Potential”

At the start of 2020, Gea embarked on a new course — two functional business areas were divided into five divisions, including Liquid & Powder Technologies with the business unit Chemical Technologies (BU CT). Dr. Christopher Braun, who has been managing the business of Gea Wiegand for 19 years, is expecting this to deliver clearer responsibilities. He believes that areas of growth for thermal separation technology will be found particularly in attractive niche markets.

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Tailor-made solutions are regularly developed in the Center of Competence for Thermal Separation Technology for distillation (shown in the picture), concentration, crystallization and drying.
Milestone Separation Technology

Specialists for Demanding Challenges: When It Comes to the Fundamental Process of Separation, Gea Leaves Nothing to Chance

An ancient tree, hundreds of years old, is an impressive sight with the wide, far-reaching branches of its huge crown. Even more impressive would be the root network — if we could only see it. This is a perfect analogy for the Gea Group, which has grown from around 250 companies. Many of these have a long history of their own, and even under the umbrella of the parent corporation they still develop with their own impetus and momentum. Today, the complementary skill sets and expertise in the field of thermal separation technology are bundled at Gea Wiegand, while Gea Westfalia Separator covers the area of mechanical separation technology.

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Heat transfer is one of the three mainstays of Alfa Laval. In the 21st century, the service sector is continually growing in importance.
Milestone: Thermal Processing

Improving Sustainability through Innovation: Excellence in Thermal Processes

With separators, heat exchangers and fluid handling equipment, Alfa Laval helps deliver efficient processes in production, and during heating and cooling. The invention of a cream separator was the first milestone on the company’s journey. Over decades, it gathered experience and built up expertise in the field of heat transfer. After eventful times, rapid growth now demonstrates clearly that Alfa Laval has found its way — by concentrating on core competencies, customer requirements and sustainability.

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Continuous modernization and expansion have shaped the entire history of Aerzen. In 2008, for example, the company built an efficient new production center that matches the broad diversity of products offered.
Milestone Compressed Air Technology/Compressors

A Passion for Pumping Gases

The year is 1864 — The Bavarian fairy-tale king Ludwig II ascends the throne. The first pneumatic post dispatch system starts up in Hamburg. Lincoln wins the US presidential elections. And the 28-year old Wilhelm Meyer from Hanover/Germany founds a machine company (Maschinenfabrik) in Aerzen. Of all these things, only the company Aerzener Maschinenfabrik is still a presence today. It has grown. And it has benefited from a pioneering spirit and a richness of ideas, courage and hard work.

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Field distribution box: Modular fieldbus components support Profibus PA applications in a scalable manner — and therefore always on a demand-oriented basis. Device couplers provide segment protection.
Milestone Interface Technology/Connectivity

Exciting with Inspiration and Innovations

Ever since the 1920s, Phoenix Contact has been driven by one thing: the pursuit of “better.” Already in its early years, the company demonstrated with its first series terminal block, the so-called RWE terminal block, that it works closely with its customers on all new developments. Then and today, it has always been about connectivity: from the field, through mapping and on to connectivity to the process control level. And time and time again, Phoenix Contact products have spearheaded new technology trends.

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