Air-Operated Diaphragm Pump ARO Showcases New Pumps and Fluid-Handling Technologies

Aro, a global manufacturer of products for the management of fluids in industrial operations and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, is showcasing a variety of pumping solutions, ranging from air-operated diaphragm pumps to piston pumps, and filters, regulators and lubricators (FRLs).

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Aro's global product manager, Julien Bassett, standing next to the new EXP Series 3-in. diaphragm pump.
Aro's global product manager, Julien Bassett, standing next to the new EXP Series 3-in. diaphragm pump.
(Source: Ondrey/Chemical Engineering)

One highlight of the stand is the new EXP Series 3-inch, non-metallic, air-operated diaphragm pump, which Aro is showing for the first time at Achema. “This pump offers 47 % more flow than the smaller version,” says Julien Bassett, a global product manager. “That makes it ideal for high volume transfer in industrial, chemical processing and water-treatment applications,” he says.

The EXP Series 3-inch pump can be more efficient against 2-inch models under certain operating conditions, and offers longer diaphragm life due to slower cycling. Additionally, the Aro EXP Series 3-inch pump is compatible with harsh chemicals that require a gentler stroke to prevent damage to fluid that can happen with smaller capacity, high-pressure pumps.

The EXP Series pumps include electronic interface capability that eliminates potentially inaccurate manual processes and replaces them with more accurate, automated operation. Automated processes are ideal for batching and filling applications in a number of markets, such as chemical processing, paint and ink formulation, waste water and more. Aro EXP Series pumps integrate with the Aro Controller and other controllers and automation systems.

All EXP Series pumps also have connection points operators can use to upgrade their pump whenever their application needs change. Users have the freedom to purchase a standard pump but retain the flexibility to enhance the pump with additional features in the future. The process-ready upgrade options include: an end-of-stroke output that signals the completion of each pump stroke and monitors the number of cycles; leak-detection capabilities to notify the operator when there is diaphragm failure; and a solenoid valve to effectively manage cycle rates and pump flow.

Aro. Hall 8.0, Stand L37

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