The Netherlands: Sustainability Akzo Nobel Converts Paint and Coatings Production to Renewable Energy

Editor: Alexander Stark

Akzo Nobel's paint and coatings production in the Netherlands is now completely powered by renewable energy. This step is part of the company's aim to become carbon neutral by 2050.

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Green energy for Dutch Deco sites
Green energy for Dutch Deco sites
(Source: Akzo Nobel)

Amsterdam/The Netherlands — Following an agreement with energy company Eneco, the company's facilities in Sassenheim, Wapenveld, Groot Ammers and Ammerzoden are now only using electricity generated by wind power.

The contract, which runs until 2020 and includes providing power to all the company's Sikkens stores, involves the supply of 66 GWh. Additionally, the company will reduce its annual CO2 emissions by 19 kilotons.

The latest contract follows two agreements announced last year which involve purchasing wind energy (together with Google, DSM and Philips) directly from new wind farms currently under construction in the Netherlands — Krammer and Bouwdokken. The company also uses sustainably generated steam at its sites in Hengelo and Delfzijl.

Currently, 40 % of Akzo Nobel's worldwide energy consumption is renewable, while 2016 saw nearly half the company's locations improve their energy use.

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