Singapore: $ 279 Million Project Afton Announces Completion of Jurong Island Plant Expansion

Editor: Alexander Stark

Global lubricant and fuel additive producer Afton Chemical Corporation announced the completion of the Phase II expansion of its chemical additive manufacturing facility in Jurong Island, Singapore.

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Afton Chemical Corporation – Singapore Chemical Additive Manufacturing Facility Phase II Expansion.
Afton Chemical Corporation – Singapore Chemical Additive Manufacturing Facility Phase II Expansion.
(Source: Business Wire)

Singapore — As a wholly owned subsidiary of New Market Corporation, Afton has been a player in the lubricant and fuel additive marketplace for over 90 years. The company began its Singapore manufacturing operations in May 2016, when it announced the Phase I opening of its Jurong Island plant. Phase II’s investment of $ 163 million is more than Phase I’s initial investment of $ 116 million, bringing the total investment in Singapore to $ 279 million.

The Jurong Island plant now has the full capability to produce core engine oil additives that the company needs for the Asia Pacific region. Gina Harm, Afton Chemical’s President. said that this facility would be key to Afton’s plans to ensure that their products were ‘Made in Asia for Asia’.


Phase II’s expansion kickstarts production of advanced ashless dispersants and anti-wear components. All are critical components in several of the manufacturer’s products, and is used in passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles to meet high performance standards. The latest expansion also enhances the support network in Asia Pacific, which already has established R&D innovation centers in Suzhou, China and Tsukuba, Japan.

According to Sean Spencer, Afton Chemical Asia’s Vice President, the company continues to invest in Singapore because they consider it as the central hub of the region. From a manufacturing perspective, Singapore was the perfect place to distribute not only to Asean but also China.

The facility will house state-of-the-art equipment and will be the first plant in the Afton family to offer integrated management systems and automated full traceability. It will occupy approximately 45,500 m2 and will continue production of key components used in engine oil additive packages such as ZDDP Antiwear, Ashless Dispersants and Sulfonate Detergents.

The completion was marked by a visit from Singapore’s Minister for Trade & Industry Chan Chun Sing, who also made a speech and toured the facility.