Olefin III ABB Solutions Selected for 3-Billion-Dollar Petrochemical Expansion Project in Poland

Source: Press release Ahlam Rais

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Claimed to be Europe’s largest petrochemical investment in 20 years, the Olefin III project by PKN Orlen in Plock, Poland will be using ABB’s control and advanced automation systems to optimize production and energy efficiency at the site. The solutions will also help the firm to reduce CO2 emissions by 30 percent per ton of product.

The PKN Orlen facility in Plock, Poland.
The PKN Orlen facility in Plock, Poland.
(Source: PKN Orlen)

Zurich/Switzerland – ABB, working alongside Hyundai Engineering and Técnicas Reunidas, have been employed to install their distributed control system (DCS) ABB Ability System 800xA at the new Olefin III complex in Plock, Poland. Integrating ABB Ability System 800xA control architecture across the entire mega development, PKN Orlen will be able to constantly monitor and analyze plant productivity, maximizing asset performance, managing power consumption, ensuring product quality, and optimizing process efficiency in real time.

Harnessing this continuous stream of data, the company, in line with their objective to achieve a 30 percent reduction in CO2 emissions per ton of product, will be able to make more accurate, informed decisions to drive efficient use of energy. This includes maintaining tight controls over raw material consumption, plant energy levels and waste by-products.

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Alongside the DCS, ABB will also deliver several systems aimed at ensuring the complex operates at optimum safety levels, including a Burner Management System (BMS), an Emergency Shutdown System (ESD) and High-Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS). These will be complemented by an industrial cyber security solution focused upon mitigating cyber threats towards the complex.

The project is scheduled for completion in 2024 with operations due to start in 2025. To support this timeline ABB will apply its unique project methodology Adaptive Execution. Adaptive Execution harnesses virtual engineering and digitalization to deliver a streamlined, standardized and agile experience for all stakeholders. Through this methodology ABB can lower delivery time by up to 30 percent, start-up hours by up to 40 percent and overall automation related capital costs by up to 40 percent.


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