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A Splash of Colour: The Right Pump for Inkmaking

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“We’ve been a Wilden distributor for 18 years and I have to say we’ve seen a lot of new products, new features, new devices, but the most exciting development by far is the Pro-Flo Shift because it addresses the problem we are facing today, which is the issue of energy consumption,” said Hoffmann.

“In Europe and, I think, all over the world, companies and individuals are getting more and more aware of energy efficiency. We have seen how dramatic the reduction in air consumption is with the Pro-Flo Shift and that is why one of the first customers we went to explain it to was Chimigraf.”

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The demonstration was so impressive that Chimigraf subsequently purchased six Wilden Pro-Flo Shift AODD Pumps. “With the Pro-Flo Shift, we can save air and obtain the same or better results, so for us it is a good product that will give us the best technology available today,” said La Valle. “The use of electricity in air is very expensive, so if we can do the same work with half of the energy it is very important. For me, this pump is a very good choice and I am sure that the results will demonstrate that.”

To spread the word on the importance of reducing air consumption and how that can be accomplished through the use of a Pro-Flo Shift pump, Hoffmann is having a test skid constructed that he can take to potential customers for on-site demonstrations.

“We can explain it very well, but it’s something different when the customer can see it so that’s why we decided to create an air rig where we are comparing the air consumption of the new Wilden Pro-Flo Shift with the air consumption of our main competitors,” said Hoffmann. “We believe the difference is so important that we really want to show our customers with their own eyes how dramatic the savings are.”