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A Splash of Colour: The Right Pump for Inkmaking

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Hoffmann’s suggested cure for the ill-performing gear pumps were Wilden Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) Pumps. Wilden, from Grand Terrace, California, is a leading manufacturer of AODD pumps and part of PSG, a Dover company, and has been a staple of TDF Group’s product portfolio since 1997. Wilden AODD pump models replaced the 20 gear pumps that Chimigraf was using in 2014.

“The main challenge that our Wilden pumps have been able to solve is that they had a lot of issues with gear pumps, issues of wear, issues of maintenance, and really the Wilden pumps have been the perfect solution,” Hoffmann sums up his experiences. “That’s why they are very happy with the Wilden pumps and it’s going to be very difficult to take them away from them.”

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“We had 20 gear pumps in the past, but now we have no gear pumps,” added La Valle. “Now we have 100 air pumps from Wilden. We chose Wilden because of the dealer of the pumps, because of the technical service and because of the good price they gave us. It was a blend of different things.”

Going To The Next Level

The instant success that Chimigraf had with the Wilden AODD pumps also made it easy for Hoffmann to convince La Valle to upgrade a few of the pumps to those with Wilden’s latest innovation — the Pro-Flo Shift Air Distribution System, which was introduced in 2013 and features the operational capability to reduce air consumption by up to 60 %. This is possible through a unique design that uses an innovative air control spool to eliminate the loss and waste of air that would naturally occur at the conclusion of the pump stroke.