Milestones in Instrumentation A Quarter Century Full of Highlights in Radar Level Measurement

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Since the company was founded in 1959, the clear objective of Vega Grieshaber has been the development of innovative and pioneering products for challenging measurements of level, point level and pressure. Particularly in the area of radar sensor technology for level measurements, almost the entire process engineering world looks to the company from the Black Forest for solutions.

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Discover the pioneers and trendsetters in the process industry with PROCESS.
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In recent years, a “magic number” has attracted the attention of fill level measurement experts: the number 80. Specifically, this number relates to the measurement frequency of 80 GHz, which is used by the radar fill level sensors with which Vega made a big splash in the processing industry in 2014. In the following almost five years, the 80 GHz technology has become a global phenomenon, opening up a whole world of new opportunities for radar fill level measurements.

Selected Milestones in Radar Fill Level Measurement:

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Using technology initially developed for the measurement of bulk solids (Vegapuls 69), the company followed this up in 2016 with the Vegapuls 64 sensor for liquids. Just two years later, another record was broken: with more than 100,000 of the company’s 80 GHz radar devices sold, there was good cause for celebrations at the company’s headquarters in Schiltach/Germany.

The success of the 80 GHz technology is only the latest in a number of milestones set by the measurement technology experts from the Black Forest time and time again over the years, particularly in the field of fill level measurements. In 1973, they started with the production of pressure transmitters for continuous fill level measurements, followed by ultrasonic sensors in 1976. The first real highlight for Vega in radar level measurement came in 1991 with the introduction of pulse radar technology — the first fill level measuring device ready for series production was born. This was followed by the world’s first two-wire radar sensor and the modular plics concept, to mention just two further highlights. In terms of precision, radar sensors entered a new era — and then the company unveiled its 80 GHz technology.

Today, 80 GHz radar sensors cover around 90 percent of all applications — meaning that the company has reached its ideal goal of providing a single measurement device for almost all applications for liquids and bulk solids, which is an unprecedented success in instrumentation.