More Secure Pharmaceuticals A Multi-Faceted Approach to Tackle Counterfeiting

Editor: Gabriele Ilg

In a press conference held Tuesday, Antares Vision presented solutions to mitigate concerns about counterfeit products, specifically pharmaceuticals. According to Antares Vision CEO Emidio Zorzella, inspection, track-and-trace capabilities and smart data management are the keystones of ensuring secure and safe pharmaceuticals.

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Pasquale Guadagni displays the Lyo-Check
Pasquale Guadagni displays the Lyo-Check

With many nations cracking down on counterfeits, technology providers must evolve apace. “Data must be tracked along the entire supply chain. It’s a shift of paradigm,” said Hendrik Kneusels, director for Antares Vision in Germany. One solution is the new ATS Four software package, which manages and exchanges data within the plant and throughout the supply-chain network. It is designed to control production and distribution in compliance with relevant E.U. Directives.

Also new at Achema is the Lyo-Check visual-inspection machine, which is designed for lyophilized pharmaceuticals. The Lyo-Check features a patented carousel design that provides enhanced camera focusing and a proprietary optical architecture with three lighting sources.

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