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A Systematic Exit A Mammoth Task: The Complete Dismantling of a Refinery

Author / Editor: Dr. Karl Noé* / Anke Geipel-Kern

Against the backdrop of the restructuring of its refining capacities, mineral oil companies are often anticipating a mammoth task: the complete dismantling of a production site. The fact that a sustainable and economically viable concept for a site conversion can be successfully implemented is exemplified by the dismantling of the Ingolstadt Refinery — a pioneering project

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Industrial history (in the meantime): the Ingolstadt refinery
Industrial history (in the meantime): the Ingolstadt refinery
(Source: Dietmar Strauß / Besigheim)

It is an impressive sight to drive past a refinery at night: thousands of lights radiate from giant columns, from kilometer-long pipelines, from chimneys, cooling towers, gas flares, many equipment and huge tank fields which bears witness to the dimensions of the oil-refinery industry. For more than 40 years, this imposing skyline has shaped the landscape at the edge of the southern German city of Ingolstadt.

Although, less than eight years from now none of it will exist anymore. The site has been completely demolished, is today new and no less spectacularly built. This result had probably not been expected at such a record speed, when Bayernoil in the mid-2000s, as the result of a corporation analysis, decided to restructure its refinery network on the Danube plain.