Fluid Management A Continued Effort to Address the Emerging Challenges in Moving Liquids

Editor: Marion Henig

Partnering with an adept fluid management company – which has a vast experience from almost all types of process plants and 100 countries of the world – makes sense to encounter the ever-increasing challenge to move aggressive, corrosive, explosive, solid-laden or viscous fluids, under high pressure and extreme temperature condition.

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A view of the shop floor of KSB Irrigation and Process Division in Pimpri (Picture: KSB Pumps Ltd. India)
A view of the shop floor of KSB Irrigation and Process Division in Pimpri (Picture: KSB Pumps Ltd. India)

Although there is no dearth of pumps and valves in the Indian market – with varied designs, with different power ratings and with multiple price ranges, many process plant shift-in-charges say in concord – quality is one of the rarest things that comes with these components. Repeated cases of gland heating or leakage, motor winding short-circuiting, shaft disengaging etc., are commonly reported pain points in the Indian process plants. But where is the origin of these quality problems? Why do the components fail online?

The answer lies at every stage of manufacturing that goes in series. Yes – starting from the design stage, through testing, dummy run, up to packaging and shipping of the fluid driver components. Also, in the name of customization, often attempts are made fit the nearest parameters to the required ones, which is one of the primary causes behind breakdown in majority of the cases.

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Thus, every process plant management today looks for a one stop (complete) fluid movement solution provider, who thoroughly understands the actual needs, who can address all their case-specific problems, who has been acid tested in the Indian industry through long-time presence, credibility and reputation, and of course who is eager to offer a true customized solution.

Pushing the Process Fluids

KSB Pumps is such a name in the geography of our sub-continent India. Their Irrigation and Process Division at Pimpri, Pune, was the first plant set up in India in 1960. The plant specializes in catering to the wide ranging pumping needs of water supply and treatment; drainage; sugar; pulp and paper and chemical process including petrochemical industries. During its successful 50 years in India, the company has progressively partnered and efficiently solved technical challenges in applications that range from building services to industrial processes, water engineering, mining and energy technology. KSB pumps and valves provide and distribute water to private, public and industrial buildings. They also solve heating and air-conditioning problems. Chemical, petrochemical and many other companies use them to transport aggressive, corrosive, explosive, solids-laden and viscous liquids. KSB products deal with industrial and municipal waste water. And they stand up to every temperature and pressure that power generation can throw at them. Thus, literally KSB products efficiently handle any liquid, anywhere under any environment.

Coming back to the point of quality and its origin, it is built upon the inherent belief and driving principle of any organization. Likewise, KSB realizes that success comes from more than just pumps and valves. Satisfying customers means keeping in close touch with them. It means offering them top-class packages, value for money, comprehensive care, regional service centres, and all the back-up they want. Wherever KSB’s customers are, they try to be there to support. What else is it but an extended and all-round quality approach?

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