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World's Biggest Nd–PBR Rubber Facility in Singapore Underway

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Singapore Alone Could Save 352,600 tons of CO2, Study Says

In a study with Frost and Sullivan last year, consultants examined the environmental awareness of drivers in Singapore in relation to their automobiles. The study indicated a concern of motorists about the environment and their interest in measures at home to reduce pollution.

According to the study, the use of “Green Tires” could result in a saving of more than 352,600 tons of CO2 as well as a saving of more than 140 million liter of fuel annually in Singapore. High-performance rubber Nd-PBR is used in the treads and sidewalls of these “Green Tires”., where it helps to reduce the rolling resistance and increase the fuel efficiency. Nd-PBR is highly resistant to abrasion and plays a significant role in making tires more durable and safer.

BTR plant on track

The new Nd-PBR plant will be located on Jurong Island next to the company’s butyl rubber plant, which represents the company’s single-largest investment at EUR 400 million (about SGD 675 million). It is currently under construction and will come on stream in the first quarter of 2013.

Construction of the butyl rubber plant is progressing according to schedule. The installation of infrastructure and steel has been successfully completed. Most of the equipment is on site and installed. More than 2,000 workers are currently employed on the construction site.