Automation of Water Production

Why the Modernization of Water Production Plants is Necessary

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Disinfection has until recently been accomplished solely through the use of chlorine. This was first used almost 100 years ago in the US. Today, alternative processes are being increasingly used. These include chloramination, UV, ozone, and reverse osmosis (RO) methods.

The instrumentation required varies slightly for each process used. The normal injection point is after the sand filters and for this reason the process is generally termed post-chlorination.


Distribution – Bring the Water to the Consumer

With respect to the processes described above the water is usually placed in holding reservoirs prior to a final disinfection and then distribution. The final chemical adjustments, pH balancing and residual chlorine measurements are made here, but the most important measurement is high accuracy metering, as this is the amount of water actually put into supply.

The value is crucial in determining the unaccounted-for-water figures and identifying leakage. The flow measurements are usually made after the water has been split into the respective zones.

Water accounting with telemetry

It is now common practice to measure water flow at various distribution points and transmit the flow rate, totaliser and pressure value of distribution line to a central monitoring room with the help of Telemetry. This helps in unaccounted-for-water measurement and leakage detection. It also, determines consumption patterns in different zones. This helps utility service providers make investment decisions, conduct resource planning and thereby helping them maintain a modern water management system.

Use Modern Communication Technologies

A utility service provider can get quick return on investment because of proper billing that the calibrated metering system provides. Plant operation and distribution personnel can also receive alarm SMS when the flow/pressure exceeds a limit value in the distribution lines. These and many other technology features can enable better and efficient management of the fast depleting important resource – Water.

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