Event Review Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum 2020 Held Successfully

Editor: Ahlam Rais

The 12th edition of the Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum (VPEIF) 2020 was successfully held from September 19 – 21 in Taizhou, China Medical City, China. Organised by PharmaTEC China, the event witnessed the participation of 58 exhibitors and a footfall of more than 1,300 people making it even more successful than its earlier edition.

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The 12th Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum (VPEIF) 2020 was successfully held in Taizhou China Medical City, China.
The 12th Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum (VPEIF) 2020 was successfully held in Taizhou China Medical City, China.
(Source: PharmaTEC China)

Pursue innovation-driven development, shape the future by integration. The 12th Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum (VPEIF) 2020 was successfully held in Taizhou China Medical City, China. The forum was jointly organised by Jigong Vogel and Taizhou Medical New & High-tech Industrial Development Zone, with the theme "Innovation & Integration, Striving for Excellence", where many leading experts, scholars, famous entrepreneurs from the pharmaceutical industry as well as relevant officials were invited to discuss the new diversified and innovative development pattern of pharmaceutical enterprises, and promote the development of China's pharmaceutical industry.

The Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum aims to be the platform that connects international suppliers, industry experts, users and government authorities with technical exchange, open face-to-face communication, interaction with well-known enterprises from home and abroad, and a stage combining exhibitions and conferences.

This year, the event was affected by the global pandemic of Covid-19 and due to this; many overseas speakers and guests could not come to the forum in person to deliver speeches. However, the show still witnessed the participation of more than 1,300 people who showed great interest in the most concerning and key topics of the industry.

The event comprised of one main session and six parallel sessions where nearly 70 industrial experts and more than 60 enterprises were invited to give speeches and presentations. Professionals from the entire pharmaceutical industry chain enjoyed the innovative and valuable audio-visual show.

At the main session, Zhang Xiaodong, Vice President, China Pharmaceutical Association said in his speech, “Currently, China has developed into the stage of making high-quality products while striving for the ‘dual circulation’ development pattern of domestic and international economic cycles. The success of the forum has greatly encouraged us at a time when the global epidemic has impacted our production and social life. The event has also provided us with the opportunity to think about innovation and reform for the future of industrial development.”

He adds that we are experiencing a historical transformation from ‘disease treatment centered drug R&D’ to ‘healthcare centered drug R&D’, which will bring new tasks for the pharmaceutical industry such as strengthening cooperation production, education and research; promoting exchange and coordination in the fields of new technologies, new processes, new programmes and new achievements; enabling deep integration of engineering and academics; providing better healthcare service with high-technology; enactive innovation with a preferential policy; and to create a sound ecological system for industrial development.

The carefully designed agenda of the forum aimed to address the trend of ‘technical upgrading’ for China's pharmaceutical industry, provide guidance about cutting-edge technologies from across the world for enterprises so that more new products, new processes and new equipment with international competitiveness will be developed quickly, and promote the high-end development of the industry.

Lucy Xiao, General Manager, Vogel Communication Media – China mentioned in her speech that it is of great significance to bring prosperity to the nation and peace to the people, particularly in the global pandemic situation this year. Today, China won against Covid-19 as the forum was held successfully. Undoubtedly, such success is attributed to all our colleagues in the pharmaceutical field who are undertaking responsibilities devotedly, she stated.

This forum offers more innovative and valuable information and also provides the good opportunity of brainstorming in terms of R&D, production and service for professionals in the pharmaceutical industry. Compared with the 11th Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum (VPEIF) 2019, the parallel sessions remained the same, except for the pharmaceutical intelligent packaging/intelligent logistics session which is the most popular topic at the moment. Xiao said: “I believe that our pharmaceutical companies have insightful views and may sense the market pulse, that’s what we hope for.”

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Gerd Kielburger, Director International Business & Strategy, Vogel Communications Group was unable to attend the event due to the pandemic; hence, he expressed his good wishes via a video. Kielburger believes that China's pharmaceutical industry is in the stage of major transformation. He opined that apart from intelligent technology, the new biopharmaceutical technology has also been applied constantly and has become the must-know process. For strengthening the supervision of the huge drug market and improving the quality of drugs, it is essential to abide by GMP rules and apply the latest technologies and processes to drive development of drug manufacturing. This forum will provide more opportunities of exchange, discussions and will also bring more fresh ideas to the audience, he concluded.

The support of the Taizhou Medical New & High-tech Industrial Development Zone was crucial to the success of the forum. Chen Lei, member of the Party Working Committee, Taizhou Medical New & High-tech Industrial Development Zone; Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Management Committee of the Development Zone, said: “The sudden outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted and challenged people's lives as well as the global economic development. While striving in our battle against the pandemic, we should start thinking about how to make a change and find a way out. Today, with the normalisation status of epidemic prevention and control, our people and society are attaching more importance to biomedicine, medical devices, etc., which encourages us to have higher expectations and better development vision for relevant industries.”

When introducing the development history and future planning of the Taizhou China Medical City, Xu long, Chief – Overseas Investment Promotion Center of Taizhou Medical New & High-tech Industrial Development Zone, and Director of Shanghai Investment Promotion Office said, “This is the first professional medical high-tech zone in China that will focus on professional development. At the very beginning of its establishment, China Medical City has been particularly designed to integrate production and life of the employees, trying to offer them a dream-job and a sweet home. Xu Long said: “All entrepreneurs, experts and scholars are welcome to join us in the China Medical City for investment, doing business, cooperation and for pursuing a win-win future.”

Sun Xiaobing, Senior Consultant of PHT ‘Pharma.TEC China’ shares his views in his speech, he says, “Under the current pandemic situation, the government has increased investment in the entire pharmaceutical industry, while sparing no effort in medical insurance cost control. Meanwhile, the pandemic also brought new opportunities for traditional Chinese medicines which led to the speeding up of implementation of graded diagnosis and treatment, and selling prescription drugs online.

Also, due to the pandemic, more people chose to have meetings and see doctors online. Now many online hospitals have obtained licenses, as a result, the pharmaceutical industry relies more closely on its network. Comprehensive policies have been issued by the country to enhance management, and encourage the industry to improve quality, reduce cost and increase efficiency. Intelligent manufacturing has been considered as a key factor to achieve the above goals.”

At the event, Yang Qiong, the Project Director of PHT ‘Pharma.TEC China’, officially released the new White Paper on the ‘China Pharmaceutical Equipment Market Research in 2019’. With increasing demand for higher drug quality from both the country and common people, pharmaceutical enterprises put more emphasis on automation and digitalisation of the pharmaceutical equipment.

Biopharmaceuticals and oral solid medications are prioritised in China's pharmaceutical market, and the demand of pharmaceutical enterprises for high-end equipment will grow steadily. There is great potential for future development of pharmaceutical equipment with the support of policies and the growing demand of the medical market. “The White Paper on the biopharmaceutical industry will be published soon, as we plan to study the market segments to better help enterprises in the industry to improve marketing and have greater insights,” Qiong said.

In the keynote speech session, Yu Xiong, Honorary Chairman of the Professional Committee of Pharmaceutical Engineering, China Pharmaceutical Association explained the registration management measures and related contents of MAH to the audience. He mainly focused on problems and analysed cases in order to help the audience to better understand the latest laws and regulations.

Dr. Andreas Risch, Managing Director, Fette Compacting (China) Co. delivered a speech on intelligent solutions for tableting. He particularly explained the concept of compact in detail and also updated the audience on Fette’s intelligent solutions for compact tableting.

After the conclusion of the main session, the six well-organised separate sessions which focused on aseptic processing, the pharmaceutical smart packaging/smart logistics, the biologicals /bio processing, the oral solid dosage/botanical drugs, the smart factory/process automation , and the pharmaceutical safety and environmental and protection kicked off in parallel. These sessions attracted numerous players from the pharmaceutical industry.

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This 40-page report aims to help you gain a better understanding of the current China's pharmaceutical market regarding a series of pharmaceutical industry related policies. Based on results of the survey among users in the pharmaceutical industry and the expert interviews, it will also provide you with a forecast for the industry and recommendations for your future operating and investment in China.

In the six separate sessions, nearly 70 experts from the pharmaceutical industry introduced the latest trend and typical practice cases of the pharmaceutical industry to the audience, providing valuable guidance to the pharmaceutical industry.

The speakers for these sessions were from well-known pharmaceutical companies, engineering companies and consulting companies, as well as representatives from well-known pharmaceutical equipment enterprises such as Borer Chemie, Truking Technology, Shandong Xinhua Medical Instrument, Nanjing Biopas Pharmaceutical Equipment Technology, 3M, Shanghai Winatech Engineering, Fette Compacting, Pharm-Tech, Beijing Goldenteam Technology, Zhejiang Canaan Technology, Shanghai Baosight Software, etc.

Transforming and upgrading the pharmaceutical industry will be a challenging task which will require the joint efforts of both the professionals and the experts in the pharmaceutical field. We believe that China's pharmaceutical industry will develop even better under the guidance of experts and the joint efforts of all our colleagues in the industry. The Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum aims to narrow the gap between China and the world’s leading countries in the pharmaceutical industry. The forum also intends to inspire its audience by sharing advanced pharmaceutical engineering technologies, related solutions and excellent cases. It also hopes to introduce new concepts, new ideas and new solutions to China's pharmaceutical industry particularly in areas that require improvement, for e.g., scientific spirit, quality awareness, intelligent manufacturing, environmental protection and safety.

The Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum has always been and will keep focusing on the development trends of global industries and the latest updates of technological creations from a global perspective, and advocate for industry reform with a prospective and innovative vision.