Vacuum Pumps Vacuum Degassing, Made to Order

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Sustainability and efficient use of resources are also decisive factors in the plastics industry when using new components or in expanding or modernizing existing plants.

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(Bild: Edwards)

Thus, Edwards plans to use the modular EXDM system to demonstrate its innovative strength in the field of vacuum solutions: The pumping station for extruder degassing and plastic recycling, which is assembled from a set of preconfigured modules according to customer-specific requirements, consists of a claw vacuum pump and modular accessories such as filter elements and pre-separators.

The rugged EXDM setup is specially designed to tolerate a number of starts and stops without affecting the pump or process performance. The uncomplicated operation with automatic or manual control option shall enbale error-free operation and shorter working cycles, states the manufacturer. Because of the modular design of the system, later extensions can be done both quickly and simple. K: Hall 12/Stand B23