Pumps in the Pharmceutical Industry

Up to the GMP–Challenge with AODD Pumps

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Pumping Perfection

When the Ofichem Group — for almost 40 years a global leader in API production — decided that the time had come to introduce Good Manufacturing Practices to its API-production operation, it knew that this meant that each and every aspect of production would have to operate at the highest level of efficiency and safety.

Choosing the proper pump technology became a top-of-mind concern for the daily handling of different types of hazardous, toxic, flammable and corrosive chemicals.


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“It’s very important that our pumps don’t break, that they have solid-block construction and that they don’t have any corrosion,” said Egberts. “If there is any corrosion in the pump, we can’t use it anymore. We chose Almatec pumps because they are capable of handling our products. It’s a personal-safety issue — you don’t want any leaks, you don’t want people getting products on them. It’s also a product-safety issue, which in our business is very important.”