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Diversify And Conquer

Unlike many API producers that choose to focus their manufacturing efforts on a small number of specific types and categories of APIs, Ofichem develops a wide range of APIs for use in the creation of human and veterinary drugs and medicines, for example:

  • Sulphonamides: Antibiotics that slow down the growth of bacteria in animals and humans
  • Cytostatics: Used in Cytostatic chemotherapy treatments for cancer patients
  • Fumarates: Used in the treatment of skin diseases
  • Biofosfonates: Inhibit the degradation of bone tissue, used to combat skeletal disorders
  • Levasimole/Piperazine: Used in the veterinary world to destroy parasitic worms
  • Histamines: Used to test for allergic reactions

“A lot of companies are specialized in a certain product range, but we are one of the companies that have a large product range; we do about 50 products,” explained Remco Vree Egberts, R&D Manager and Project Leader. “We have our products that we produce all year long and sell to the market, but we also have the capability to produce customer-specific products, which are only produced when the customer orders them.”


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While Ofichem may produce a vast array of APIs, they all have one thing in common: they must be manufactured to exacting standards. To ensure the quality of any product, various methods of quality-assurance analysis — High Liquid Performance Chromatography (HLPC) and gas chromatography are two examples — are performed to see if any impurities have made their way into the final API.

“We have a lab that analyzes every product that we produce,” said Egberts. “In that lab there are different sections, a wet section and a dry section, with specific equipment in each.”