Ethernet Automation

Unmodified Ethernet Makes its Way Into Process Automation

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We help enterprises meet above four market drivers by merging manufacturing and production systems with the rest of the corporate enterprise. Rockwell Automation is heavily investing, and is committed to invest in convergence-ready products, services, partnerships and expertise necessary in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Integrated Control and Power (ICP) disciplines to drive convergence quickly and effectively.

Successful Manufacturing Convergence leverages the four core automation disciplines of Information, Communications, Control and Power. We are helping the industry recognise the value of Manufacturing Convergence – driving it beyond Manufacturing and IT across the four disciplines:

  • Information: In manufacturing, the old goal was turning data into information. The new goal is presenting information in context – delivering insight for better decision-making and exposing competitive opportunities. Traditionally, a wide variety of legacy systems and disparate sources generated data. Today, all the information sources can be streamlined to enable configuration, visualisation, maintenance and optimisation of manufacturing processes and critical plant assets.
  • Communications: Communications bind all the other automation disciplines together. Communication is no longer limited to device-level wiring and proprietary networks. Business value flourishes when IT and manufacturing departments can share information seamlessly and securely, while running multiple applications over the same network. Today, standard, unmodified Ethernet is being adopted broadly across the plant and enterprise for data collection and real-time control. Emerging functionality such as voice, video and a range of mobility applications are beginning to appear in the plant environment; unleashing new opportunities for collaboration throughout the manufacturing environment.
  • Control: Thanks to multiple control disciplines, control functions can be combined as the application demands. Today, a common control platform deployed plant-wide can reduce integration costs, time to market and maintenance costs.
  • Power: The control and management of power equipment in a plant is a competitive advantage in a world with spiking energy and downtime costs. Converging these assets into the broader automation environment allows for greater coordination and optimisation of these strategic assets.

* The author is Industry Sales Manager (Oil & Gas), Rockwell Automation India.