Ethernet Automation

Unmodified Ethernet Makes its Way Into Process Automation

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All these are helping a chemical company in reducing cost in an indirect way by extensive use of automation. IT in chemical industry not only reduces cost by way of reducing product and process development time, but also IT applications like MES provide real time information from automation layers including information exchanged with ERP to the “Right people, at the right time”, in the “right context” anywhere from system for better informed business decision. All these ultimately reduce cost by some way or the other.

India – Playing by the Rules of Globalisation

As the Indian industry is now linked to the global industry and no more operates isolatedly – the chemical industry too is no exception. Globalsation has already impacted and will also be going to impact the Indian chemical industry, which will drive the Indian chemical companies to adopt more and more of IT and automation to align themselves with the global standards. It can be said without any doubt that the economic, organisational and technological trends will lead the chemical industry to be increasingly dependent on the implementation of IT and automation.


From the Automation Industry's Perspective

Rockwell Automation is a global control and automation company serving the entire spectrum of process industries like Chemical, Petrochemicals, Fertilisers, Life Sciences, Oil & Gas etc. We call the IT and Automation solution for chemical process plants “Manufacturing Convergence.”

The four major market drivers for any industry, chemical plants being no exception, are:

  • Productivity
  • Globalisation;
  • Innovation
  • and Sustainability