Japan: Woody Biomass for Coal Plant Ube Industries to Build Demonstration Facility for Torrefied Pellets

Editor: Alexander Stark

Ube Industries has developed torrefied pellets carbonized from woody biomass, for use in coal-fired power plants as a co-firing ratio of 10 % or more (calorie basis). The torrefied pellets will facilitate the use of woody biomass as a renewable energy source.

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Okinoyama Coal Center and 216 MW coal-fired power plant
Okinoyama Coal Center and 216 MW coal-fired power plant
(Source: Ube Industries)

Tokyo/Japan — The company has also decided to construct a demonstration facility for manufacturing torrefied pellets in Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, with an annual production capacity of 60,000 tonnes. The facility will be used for demonstration tests with the goal of marketing the pellets to conventional coal-fired power plants.

The torrefied pellets are realizing a woody biomass fuel with greatly enhanced hydrophobic properties and grindability with coal. Whereas coal-fired power plants require specialized handling equipment to co-fire conventional woody biomass with coal, torrefied pellets can be handled like coal and co-fired without the need for specialized handling equipment.

The torrefied pellets will be tested at the company's Okinoyama Coal Center and 216 MW coal-fired power plant. Ube Industries will import at the Port of Ube woody biomass to be used as raw material at the demonstration facility, under the long-term contract with Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc. of Canada.

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