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Oct 26, 2020

An article in Pharma+Food: "Sicherheit und Ergonomie im Containment"

Containment solutions in dedusting filter systems are only as good as their weakest link - the operators. Read more about how to support them in our new article.

Containment solutions in dedusting filter systems offer reliable protection for the personnel working with them. There are many well-known principles on the market, but the "X-factor" that separates the best from the average is user-friendliness. Only intuitive and ergonomic containment solutions can ensure consistent protection within the allowed dust emissions. User-friendly and ergonomic solutions also help operators to carry out important tasks (filter replacement, dust extraction, etc.) consistently and reliably.

Link to the online version of the article is here.

Link to the article (extraction from the original PDF) is here.

You can reach entire Pharma+Food magazine (06/2020) in the PDF form here (see pages 44-46).

ENGLISH version of the article can be found in the downloads section ("Ergonomic Containment").