Valves Tight Shutoff for Improved Process Efficiency and Uptime

Editor: Dominik Stephan

New metal-seated valves, engineered to withstand higher temperatures, pressures, and erosive conditions than a standard on/off ball valve, provide increased reliability and protection of critical assets in demanding applications.

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(Source: Emerson)

Developed and manufactured by Emerson Automation Solutions, the feature a new patented, bi-directional sealing design offers a unique solution to process back pressure and shutoff requirements in both flow directions, safeguarding control valves and other equipment in the line. Fisher Z500 valves are designed with an integral metal seat and self-energised metal body gasket to help eliminate leak paths and withstand extreme temperature changes.

Live-loaded packing, side-mounted brackets, and fixed centrelines help reduce side loads on the packing and decrease overall wear for a longer service life. This addition of on/off valves to the Fisher portfolio complements the existing control valve offering and helps ensure seamless integration between products.