Gear Pumps The New F-Series Gear Pump

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Maag Industrial released the new F-Series gear pump – the DX ‘Dosix’ with a better dosing accuracy and the FX ‘Flexinox’, the flexible alternative of the existing CX and TX.

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New Maag F-Series gear pump.
New Maag F-Series gear pump.
(Source: Maag Pump Systems)

During the development of the series, the company tested several types of ‘gear shafts’ in steel and plastic. Peek and other aspects offered Maag the chance to have different advantages and flexibility. For this new series, the firm used the new Z16 with sixteen teeth for the FX and the Z14 with fourteen teeth for the DX.” says Claudio Bonafede, Managing Director of Maag Italy.

Thanks to its modular design, which facilitates the flexible configuration, it is adapted even better to the needs of customers and processes, states the firm. In addition, the modular principle also simplifies cleaning and maintenance work.

The advantage for Maag and the customers are the key components - the gear shaft, bearing and seal remains the same as before. The customers could use the new series and can still use the existing spare parts.

The range of sizes is as follows:

DX 20/5 FX 22/22

DX 20/10 FX 28/28

DX 20/20 FX 36/36

FX 45/45

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