Liquid Ring Pumps The Intelligent Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Edwards Vacuum has combined its years of comprehensive know-how and innovative technical expertise to develop a revolutionary range of new liquid ring pumps – the Elri series. Made for applications which are wet, humid as well as corrosive, this product offers a range of features and benefits that will distinguish itself from other competitor pumps in the market.

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The new liquid ring pump is equipped with not just one but two VSDs.
The new liquid ring pump is equipped with not just one but two VSDs.
(Source: Edwards Vacuum)

From the ability to optimise processes to save energy, the new series complements the firm’s range of solutions that it offers for the industrial and rough vacuum markets.

Innovation Meets Reliability

The technical features are of central importance in this new development. The stainless steel impeller, endplates, liquid reservoir and heat exchanger makes this pump highly resilient against corrosion and harsh process gases. The internal injection channels reduce the risk of leakage while the horizontal motor flange arrangement saves precious time on maintenance, Use of mechanical seals also ensures reliable operation by preventing leaks as well as extending service intervals, adds the firm. All this state-of-the-art technology is contained in a compact noise cancelling sturdy canopy protecting and extending lifetime of the electronic components.

Intelligence Calms

The new liquid ring pump is equipped with not just one but two VSD. While the main VSD matches the speed of the pump to vacuum level by adjusting its speed, the second VSD regulates the water flow through the centrifugal pump according to the operating conditions to avoid risks of cavitation. According to the company, a patented algorithm always maintains a perfect harmony between the two VSD’s ensuring optimal performance. In addition, it is protected against automatic seizure, so users do not have to worry about the pump failure after long periods of inactivity.

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Lower Utility Consumption and Extended Service Intervals

The integrated Air logic controller not only enables the monitoring of important features and parameters of the pump but also offers the option of set-point control. This allows users to have a vacuum pump that matches the process demand saving energy. While the Econtrol box even allows you to connect and control multiple liquid ring pumps, the Icon Box enables smart monitoring and remote controlling ensures optimal servicing to get maximum uptime with the pumps, mentions the firm. Along with this, water consumption is also reduced as the separator is only filled up when required.

Designed to Meet the Demand

The new series comes in pumping capacity 750-1050m3/hr and covers a wide range of applications in the central vacuum, pharmaceutical, plastics, conveying and food applications. Speaking about the range of pumps offered, the company states that while the standard range of pumps is a perfect solution of general industrial applications, the firm’s Heavy-Duty range is designed with all process wetted parts to be stainless steel. All pumps are also fitted with spray nozzles as standard which are particularly useful for high steam load applications allowing to pump increased capacity of gas load. Moreover, the manual and automatic modes of flushing allow operation in even in the dirtiest applications with minimal downtime.

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