Process Components Technology Provider SPX Presents Pumps and Atomisers

Editor: Dominik Stephan

SPX presents the Uniglide–e, the latest axially split double entry pumps from ClydeUnion brand. The pump was developed with state–of–the–art 3D and FEA analysis software and with extensive consultation with major users.

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(Picture: SPX)

The results are a reliable design and reduced life cycle costs, SPX states. The pump has a unique adaptor design, suitable to all major suppliers’ cartridge seal assemblies. The design base also delivers enhanced hydraulic performance reducing required power.

Atomisers and Process Components

Other new SPX products at ACHEMA include the Anhydro CG-250 atomizer, that is nearly insensitive to wear, not subjected to plugging and offers accurate control of the particle size by means of the speed of rotation. Despite these sophisticated features, the operation of the centrifugal atomizer is both easy and reliable, SPX says.

Versatile Process Solutions

As a major process systems and components supplier, the company has brought together a collection of world class brands to serve the chemical, petrochemical, polymer, and power & energy marketplace including Airpel, Anhydro, APV, Bran+Luebbe, Balcke Dürr, ClydeUnion Pumps, Delair, E&E, Gerstenberg Schröder, Johnson Pump, Lightnin, Plenty, Seital and Waukesha Cherry–Burrell. SPX’s suite of products and services serves a wide range of industries including petrochemical, power & energy, oil and gas, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and personal care.

ACHEMA: Hall 4.0, Stand F2