Dust Explosion Protection

Stay Safe: Explosion Venting and Isolation Keeps the Dust Explosion Hazard in Check

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Explosion Isolation Ensures Safety

„Our milling process starts with a chip-shaped primary product”, explains D’Anna. In the first step the material gets into the mill in order to be crushed, then into a cyclone, where the fine dust is extracted. After that, the final product falls directly into the sales packaging. During the whole process air serves as a transport medium, so that powder is continuously carried through the pipes of the mill. On the part of the manufacturers, the plants are designed to avoid risks. If - due to the friction of the material – nevertheless an electrostatic charge takes place, a dust explosion can occur under special circumstances. This would entail a backstroke into the whole plant, which poses a hazard for the employees.


Thanks to the explosion isolation with the help of Ventex ESI Typ 6 this danger is averted. Because of the fact, that explosions only take place where powder is produced, the valve is installed in pipelines following the milling process. In the regularly passing production process the closing device of the valve is in an open position and the material flows around the closing device. In case of an explosion happening, the pressure wave pushes the closing device against the closing device seal. In this closed state the spread of flames and the pressure wave into the interior of the plant is effectively prevented. At the same time an explosion pressure venting into the atmosphere takes place.

Years of Cooperation in Explosion Protection Verifies Quality

„We use RICO Sicherheitstechnik’s products for more than 20 years now” underlines Leo D’Anna and explains, that because of the steady expansion two further milling plants with the reliable Ventex valves are currently going to be purchased. But not only the quality of the explosion protection products convinces the operating manager over and over again. Also the fact, that the experts for explosion protection support the company in a very intensive way always leads to the decision for RICO.

Explosion venting - flexible as a Swiss knife!
Explosion venting - flexible as a Swiss knife!
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As a further advantage he evaluates the price/performance ratio of the valves. These are of high quality, durable and the maintenance requirements are only low. In addition to this he praises the easy but effective technique of the solution. The fact that plant manufacturers often resort to the renowned product from Herisau is – according to the operating manager – no coincidence: In the area of milling plant security, this protective measure has simply established itself over the years. Thus, IGP even took influence, when - during a former purchase of a mill - a different product should be installed, they arranged for the implementation of the RICO valve.