Pumps SPP Pumps Celebrates a Decade of Cooperation with Parent Kirloskar Brothers

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Kirloskar Brothers, a leading global fluid management company, celebrated a decade of togetherness with SPP Pumps UK recently. Exactly 10 years ago, KBL acquired SPP Pumps. Prior to the acquisition, the two companies had traded for almost four decades. The celebration was attended by the staff of SPP Pumps and other stakeholders...

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Alok Kirloskar, Chairman & Managing Director of SPP Pumps UK
Alok Kirloskar, Chairman & Managing Director of SPP Pumps UK
(Picture: KBL)

Pune/India - Today, SPP has an office based in the city of Reading and the manufacturing facility based in Coleford, Gloucestershire. There are also five smaller, regionally based service centres. In addition, there are overseas facilities in Dubai, France, South Africa, Singapore and the United States. Alok Kirloskar is at the helm of affairs and oversees the affairs of this £ 68 million company.

Former Managing Director, Owen Shevlin who was deeply involved in assembling the team in 2003 and turning around the company was also present at the occasion. Apart from SPP Pumps he is also credited with setting up its America operations. He said, “I am delighted to see the blossoming of partnership between SPP Pumps and Kirloskar Brothers. The power of two has worked wonders for SPP Pumps – we have turned around a company that was once on a downhill and spun it in to a star performer. It is a perfect example of Indo-UK partnership, the creation of an engineering fulcrum right in the heart of Europe. Our customers are super happy, employees are thrilled, both governments are over cloud nine and shareholders of both the companies are happier. It can’t get any better.”

“We Want to Double our Market Presence!”

Alok Kirloskar, Managing Director – SPP Pumps, said, “SPP Pumps was a strategic acquisition in that it was done with a purpose to expand our product offerings across continents. Today SPP Pumps is present across high-tech industries such as oil and gas production, water and waste water treatment, power generation, construction, mines and large industrial plants. In the next decade we intend to double our market presence, and continue with our sales CAGR of 20% with profits CAGR of 15%.”

SPP Pumps is a UK-based engineering and manufacturing company. This sector has undergone massive changes over the past three decades and these changes have been mirrored by the fortunes of SPP.

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