Feeding System Solution to Feed Triggers and Pumps

Source: Press release

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Tirelli Robosorter is the result of the cross-industry expertise of Arol Group R&D team.

(Source: Tirelli )

This new development is due to a specific need expressed by the health-care sector to increase flexibility for low-speed feeding system of triggers and pumps. The solution involves the use of a robot equipped with a dedicated tool. Trigger or pumps are loaded from the elevator tank. The lift carries them upwards by dropping them by gravity onto a horizontal motorized belt.

On the horizontal picking tape, the trigger or the pump pass under the 2D vision system responsible to recognize their position and orientation. The robot takes them from the tape and unloads them inside a specific point; the trigger or pump not taken shall be returned to the lift to restart the cycle. Compared to current feeding systems, Robosorter reduces the costs of electricity consumption by not using compressed air, the company says. It should also increase the flexibility and reduce the time of format change (from 25 minutes to 3 minutes). Achema: Hall 3.1, Booth F13


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