Azerbaijan: GPC Project Socar Selects Axens Alpha Butol Technology

Editor: Alexander Stark

Axens confirmed the signature of an Alpha Butol technology licensing agreement with Socar for the production of high purity 1-Butene through ethylene dimerization.

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(Source: Axens)

Baku/Azerbaijan — The AlphaButol unit of 32,000 tons per annum capacity will be installed in Garadagh, located just south of Baku, in Azerbaijan and will be part of Socar’s large GPC project. The GPC project is a totally integrated grassroots project, from natural gas processing to the production of high-value polymers through the inclusion of an entire petrochemical complex. The plant will produce approximately 600 000 tons of polyethylene and 120 000 tons of propylene per annum.

“We are very pleased to be part of Socar GPC project with the AlphaButol technology. This is a reliable and cost effective process that has a long and successful track record. After several recent clean fuels refining projects that we have conducted with Socar, it is now a great opportunity to contribute to the success of the GPC project with a technology for the production of high quality 1-Butene” said Christian Dupraz, Axens’ Senior Executive Vice-President, Process Licensing.

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