Particle Sizing System Smarter Particle Sizing with Mastersizer 3000

Editor: Marion Henig

Malvern's Mastersizer 3000 measures particle size using the proven technique of laser diffraction. A particle size distribution is calculated from measurements of the angular intensity of scattered light produced by a sample. The company presents the product at Powtech during a special lunchtime event. Make sure you get a seat and secure your free entrance ticket voucher for Powtech.

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Malvern`s Mastersizer 3000 (Picture: Malvern)
Malvern`s Mastersizer 3000 (Picture: Malvern)

The optics required to capture this data lie at the heart of the system. In a new, folded optical design, a blue solid state light source in the Mastersizer 3000 provides resolution in the sub-micron range, resolving materials down to 10nm in size. A rapid data acquisition rate significantly increases the amount of measurement data feeding into the analysis.

Laser diffraction measurement is no longer an expert task - that’s part of the technique’s appeal. Importantly, SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and automation have propelled it into the QC environment. Now, the Mastersizer 3000 software takes ‘ease of use’ even further. Supporting the user every step of the way, from method development through to routine measurement, it makes the full capabilities of laser diffraction accessible to all.

Malvern's new Mastersizer 3000 will make European show debut at Powtech - sign up for live presentations and demos. If you joint the event, Malvern will also send you the code to download your complimentary entrance ticket voucher for Powtech for free: Register to meet Malvern at Powtech