China: New Unit Sekisui Chemical Begins Polyolefin Foam Production Line in China

Editor: Ahlam Rais |

The new line aims to produce polyolefin foams that can be used for automotive interiors. The move was undertaken due to the growing demand for high-performance foams in China. Also, the plant which houses the production line is a ‘zero industrial wastewater’ facility.

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Approximately 80 people attended the opening ceremony at the plant.
Approximately 80 people attended the opening ceremony at the plant.
(Source: Sekisui Chemical Company)

China – Sekisui Chemical has recently announced that Sekisui Youngbo HPP (WUXI), a consolidated subsidiary of the High Performance Plastics Company, has commenced mass production and sales in May 2019.

Sekisui Youngbo is a company that primarily manufactures polypropylene foams (PP foams) for automotive interiors; its establishment was approved by the Chinese Government in April 2017. Used as an underlayment material for automotive interiors, PP foams are high-performance foams that possess outstanding impact resistance and are easily processed. In China, the demand for high-quality automobiles is increasing hence; the demand for high-performance foams has risen rapidly. For this reason, the Sekisui Youngbo firm commenced mass production and sales two months earlier than originally planned.

China’s environmental regulations are extremely strict, and the plant housing the production line is being operated as a ‘zero industrial wastewater’ plant. The layout of the plant has been designed to enable multiple production lines to be added in the future, with an aim to increase production.

On July 16, an opening ceremony was held at the plant. Approximately 80 people attended the ceremony, including Chinese government officials, bank officials, and representatives of the Sekisui Chemical firm.

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