Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps Screw Design Provides More Performance

Editor: Ahlam Rais

The new screw vacuum pumps Dryvac DV 500 and DV 800 will be presented by Leybold in the spring of 2021. These vacuum pumps compress completely dry, i.e. without operating lubricant in the compression chamber and are therefore ideally suited as backing pumps in food packaging or in pumping sets in heat treatment or coating systems, as they have significant advantages over oil-lubricated piston or rotary vane vacuum pumps.

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The DV 800 opens up new possibilities for applications where a higher pumping speed is required.
The DV 800 opens up new possibilities for applications where a higher pumping speed is required.
(Source: Leybold)

Thanks to their screw design with a specially adapted variable pitch, they work extremely efficiently due to their low power consumption, require minimal maintenance compared to oil lubricated vacuum pumps and thus minimize operating costs, states the company. The robust screw vacuum pump is also characterized by high particle and condensate compatibility.

As a pioneer in dry vacuum technology, the firm has several different screw vacuum pumps in its product portfolio. In contrast to oil-lubricated piston or rotary vane vacuum pumps, it offers a temporally stable pumping speed curve. The Dryvac DV 200, 300, 450 and 650 portfolio has now been supplemented by the more powerful DV 800 and the highly energy efficient DV 500.

The Dryvac DV 800 is based on the company’s proven Dryvac DV platform and sets a benchmark in this size class. The fact that the DV 800's dimensions are directly derived from proven DV 650-models makes changeover and integration easier for the user. The DV 800 opens up new possibilities for applications where a higher pumping speed is required, adds the firm. In traditional markets, this is the case in many applications, such as load locks or packaging machines. In new areas, such as battery manufacturing, a higher process speed means cash for the customer.

The new screw vacuum pumps are equipped with an easily adaptable and networkable frequency converter and IE3 motors. Monitoring via a cloud platform can also be easily implemented on request and is available as standard from Q3. The compact and well thought-out construction of the new screw vacuum pumps enables a Roots vacuum pump Ruvac to be easily installed as a booster, mentions the company. The pump combinations DV 1200 and the new DV 1600 round off the portfolio for even higher pumping speed.

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