South Africa: FTWP Project Sasol Completes FT Wax Expansion Project

Editor: Alexander Stark

Sasol has completed its $ 1.1 billion FT Wax Expansion Project (FTWEP). Phase 2 began beneficial operation in March 2017, while phase 1 was commissioned in 2015.

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Sasol inaugurated the full completion of its FT Wax Expansion Project (FTWEP)
Sasol inaugurated the full completion of its FT Wax Expansion Project (FTWEP)
(Source: Sasol)

Sasolburg/South Africa — The manufacturer's hard waxes, medium waxes, liquid paraffins and waxy oils are supplied to a variety of industrial and speciality applications. Hard waxes are used in hotmelt adhesives, PVC processing, inks, paints, coatings, and asphalt applications; medium waxes are used in candle markets and emulsions in the manufacturing of construction boards.

Throughout the duration of the project, there were 49 service providers and approximately 5,500 construction workers on site. The project was resourced by 450 engineers with some 22,000 isometric drawings created and 904 pieces of mechanical equipment installed. In excess of 31 million hours were worked with an exceptional safety record of 0.15 recordable case rate (RCR), below the benchmark of projects of this scale.

FTWEP is one of a number of major capital investments the company has made in South Africa, the company announced in a press release. Bongani Nqwababa, Joint President and Chief Executive Officer, Sasol Limited, said that with the completion of this project, South Africa would be one of the leading countries of wax production globally.

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