Thermoplastics Compounds Sabic Builds Thermoplastics Compound Plant in China

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Sabic just signed a memorandum of understanding with Chinese businesses and authorities for a new thermoplastics compound facility in Chongquing, Western China.

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Engineeried olymers by Sabic – the Saudi company explained plans to build a new thermoplastic plant in China. (Picture: Sabic)
Engineeried olymers by Sabic – the Saudi company explained plans to build a new thermoplastic plant in China. (Picture: Sabic)

Bergen Op Zoom/The Netherlands; Chongquing/PR China – Sabic just announced having found an understanding with Chongqing Xiyong Micro-electronics Industrial Park, and the Chongqing Economic and Informatization Commission about the construction of a new thermoplastics compounding plant in Chongqing, China. Chongquing is currently on its way to becoming an important industrial hub for global computer, consumer electronics and automotive manufacturer, Sabic says. With the Chongquing plant, the Saudi company expects to profit from this development by becoming more closely connected to its customers. Earlier this year, Sabic had already announced investments in two thermoplastics projects.

Thermoplastics Plant Underlines Commitment to China

“We are in China, for China. In the more than 30 years we have operated in this region, we have cultivated long-term customer relationships that have helped make SABIC the first supplier many of the world’s leading OEMs call when designing their customers’ innovations,” said Charlie Crew, executive vice president, SABIC and head of SABIC’s Innovative Plastics business.” Our product portfolio includes thousands of resins and compounds with a wide range of performance properties to meet diverse industry and customer requirements. And we are constantly innovating to create new solutions to meet our customers’ evolving application needs.”

Thermoplastics Compound Plant Marks Third Chinese Investment

Huang Qifan, Chongqing Mayor, said “This compounding plant in Chongqing Xiyong Micro-electronics Industrial Park is SABIC’s third investment in China in 2011 to further enhance the electronics industry. It marks not only the settlement of another Fortune 500 company in Chongqing, but also the strong support from a world-class engineering thermoplastics provider to the industrial chain of Chongqing’s laptop industry.”

Sabic expects the new facility to begin production in 2013. The plant shall produce polycarbonate, polycarbonate blends and other high-quality engineering thermoplastics for southwest China customers, Sabic says. The site will have compounding lines, colour development capabilities, and advanced equipment enabling SABIC to work with their customers and partners to create new applications for engineering plastics.

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