Germany: Green Hydrogen RWE Collaborates with Linde to Build 200 MW Electrolyzer Plant

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RWE has preselected Linde as the technical provider for two 100 MW PEM electrolyzers of the large-scale ‘GET H2’ project in Lingen, Germany. The 200 MW plant is part of a mega 300 MW electrolyzer plant which is expected to produce green hydrogen if it secures the funding from the German Government.

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Under an agreement signed between both the companies, Linde will deliver permit planning for the project.
Under an agreement signed between both the companies, Linde will deliver permit planning for the project.
(Source: RWE)

Essen/Germany – As part of its ‘Growing Green’ strategy, RWE announced in November that it aimed to create electrolyzer capacity of at least 2 gigawatt (GW) to generate green hydrogen by 2030. By preselecting the technical provider for two 100 megawatt (MW) electrolyzer plants in Lingen, Germany, RWE is now taking an important step in this direction: It has signed an agreement with Linde to deliver the permit planning for the project.

The permit planning is part of the pre-project development phase. The subsequent detailed engineering, procurement and construction phases are expressly subject to the award of state aid through the Federal Republic of Germany.

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The envisaged 200 MW plant is part of RWE’s ambition to erect a 300 MW electrolyzer by 2026 at the Lingen location within the framework of the project GET H2. RWE plans to scale the total electrolyzer capacity at Lingen to potentially 2 GW by 2030. The ambition of the GET H2 project is to create – together with national and European partners – the critical mass required to kick-start the creation of a cross-regional European hydrogen infrastructure and to develop a strong European hydrogen market.

In the initial stage the proposed new plant will consist of two 100 MW Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyzers and will be powered by offshore wind power from the North Sea to produce green hydrogen. It is anticipated that the green hydrogen produced at Lingen will help avoid emission of significant volumes of carbon dioxide. The first 100 MW electrolyzer is planned to be operational in 2024, with the second due to be completed by early 2025 provided that public funding under the IPCEI mechanism is awarded in due time.