Brau Beviale 2019 Responding to Beverage Diversity with New Filtration Technologies

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Whether working on beer, mineral water, or soft drinks, product integrity is the top priority for master brewers and beverage technologists. By developing the extensive Life Tec filter series, filtration specialist Donaldson is facing up to the various challenges that result from this. At this year’s Brau Beviale show, the Life Tec series will be showcased with the motto ‘Your first choice for process and product integrity’.

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The Life Tec filter series will be showcased at Brau Beviale in Hall 7, Booth 309.
The Life Tec filter series will be showcased at Brau Beviale in Hall 7, Booth 309.
(Source: Donaldson)

Alongside the process chain for beverage segments such as beer, cider, spirits, champagne, wine, water, juice, soft drinks, and liquid dairy products, Donaldson will exhibit examples of application-specific filtration solutions, ranging from compressed air purification to sterile filtration. The main attraction will be the globally successful Life Tec depth and membrane filter elements for pre-, fine-, and sterile filtration of liquids.

The largely digitised production of Life Tec liquid filters guarantees fast filter availability and thus reduces storage costs, claims the company. Each filter carries a lasered 2D bar code, meaning 100 % traceability is guaranteed.

An important distinguishing feature from the previously known filter constructions is the much more stable PP filter liner, whose rhombus-shaped structure not only optimises the statics, but also improves the flow conditions. These are available in four different sizes – 10, 20, 30, and 40 inches. The elements can be equipped with seven different connections so that they can be used in all common housings. The use of multiple housings results in economic savings, as they also allow for individual filter elements to be replaced as standard, adds the firm.

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To meet increasing hygiene requirements in all production processes, the company has introduced the Life Tec filter series P-SRF for sterile filtration of compressed air and process gases. All of this results in a long service life and high retention rates (bacteria, viruses, particles) up to >3 nm

(nanometers). The robust design of this filter with its stainless steel liner allows more than 160 cycles, thus a comparatively higher number of sterilisation cycles.

After successful steam sterilisation, the drying time is only a few seconds. According to the company, downtimes, energy consumption and the mechanical load on the filter medium are reduced. The high temperature tolerance allows applications up to 200 °C /392 °F. It can also be used in applications with VPHP (vaporised H2O2) and ozone sterilisation.

At Brau Beviale, the firm will exhibit the modular design of a filtration system that demonstrates how filtration can be applied to liquids, sterile air, and steam. The multiple PF-EG stainless steel housings are equipped with the new Life Tec filter elements for the filtration of liquids. This design demonstrates how the filter elements can be sterilised by steam within the housing, and how sterile gases can be used to empty the housings and to cool the system after sterilisation.

The company believes that one aspect should not be overlooked during discussions at the fair. Dominic Riga, Sales Manager EMEA: “We are responding to the high cost pressures to which the beverage industry is exposed with filtration solutions that combine high quality, process reliability and long service life. We also provide a service that renders our global experience equally useful for large companies and medium-sized companies with their local ties.”