China: Green Solutions QXTD Selects Dow’s Technology to Produce Sustainable INA

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Zibo Qixiang Tengda Chemical Company (QXTD) is the first company to make use of Dow’s LP Oxo Technology for producing sustainable isononyl alcohol (INA). The process technology will be utilised at the firm’s new manufacturing facility in China which is expected to have an annual capacity of 200,000 metric tonnes.

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QXTD’s new China plant is expected to commence operations in 2023.
QXTD’s new China plant is expected to commence operations in 2023.
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Zibo City/China – Dow and Johnson Matthey have recently announced that China-based company, Zibo Qixiang Tengda Chemical Company (QXTD) has selected LP Oxo Technology to produce isononyl alcohol (INA) at its new manufacturing facility in China.

“QXTD will be the first in the industry to take advantage of our process technology for more sustainable INA production,” said Donna Babcock, global business director for Industrial Solutions, a business segment of Dow. “This technology requires a smaller manufacturing footprint and less energy consumption compared to typical INA production processes, without a loss in efficiency and throughput.”

INA is often used to make plasticizers of Diisononyl Phthalate (DINP), Diisononyl Adipate (Dina), and Triisononyl Trimellitate (TINTM). Primarily used in the PVC industry, products made using INA can be found in automotive, wire, cable, and conducting applications, among others. Given the evolving health and environmental regulations associated with downstream applications, INA is well positioned to grow above industry average with its unique properties that meet these needs.

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“We are happy to have been able to finalise our license agreement despite the impacts of Covid-19”, said Zhang Jin, Chairman of Cedar Holdings, the parent group of QXTD. “This licensed process will differentiate us in the industry as we are able to bring new INA volume online to enable downstream products with improved health and environmental profiles.”

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“JM science is put to work every day to enhance lives, create a positive contribution to a cleaner and heathier world, and help keep our economy going. This will be our 56th license of LP Oxo Technology in partnership with Dow, building on our current portfolio with our new INA process,” said John Gordon, Managing Director for Johnson Matthey. “We are committed to bringing value to QXTD and look forward to working with them through the design phase and commissioning of this innovative technology.”

The plant will be built at QXTD’s integrated petrochemical complex in Zibo City, China and produce 200,000 metric tonnes of annual capacity. The plant operation is expected to come online in 2023.

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