Pumps Pumping Heat Transfer Fluids

Editor: Dominik Stephan

KSB has lately launched its Etanorm SYT pump series in the Indian market. KSB's latest generation of single-stage volute casing pumps has been specially developed for applications in modern heat transfer systems and hot water circulation.

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KSB Launches New Pump
KSB Launches New Pump
(Picture: KSB)

Etanorm SYT pump sets handle hot water as well as mineral oil based thermal fluids and synthetic thermal oils at tempera¬tures of up to 350 degrees Celsius. They are particularly suited for the rough conditions experienced in heat transfer systems. The new pumps’ stable rib design and reinforced bearings make them resistant to external forces.

The increasing use of highly efficient synthetic oils, has made new developments essential in pump technology. Etanorm SYT incorporates significant technical innovations, such as a new vent design through which gases can be reliably removed during operation. For very critical fluids a variant with double mechanical seal has been introduced. Customers may choose between carbon (standard) or SiC plain bearings.