Japan: Showa Denko to Install New Plant Production of Super-High-Purity Solvent

Editor: Alexander Stark

Showa Denko has developed new-grade products to be added to the lineup of its high-purity solvents, Solfine series, and announced to installation a new purification plant to produce the new-grade products at its Tokuyama Plant in Shunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan.

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Showa Denko operates units for filling solvents.
Showa Denko operates units for filling solvents.
(Source: Showa Denko)

Tokyo/Japan — Construction of the new purification plant will be completed in May 2017, and the Japanese company will start commercial operation of the new plant in June 2017. The new-grade products are super-high-purity solvents developed by upgrading purity of existing high-purity solvents which SDK sells under the trade name of Solfine. SDK is already selling high-purity solvents mainly as cleaning agents to be used in manufacturing processes of liquid crystal display (LCD) panels and semiconductor integrated circuits. The manufacturer will offer the new-grade super-high-purity solvents mainly as solvents for photoresist for the manufacture of semiconductor integrated circuits.

Photoresist is used as a key material in a manufacturing process of semiconductor integrated circuits, and is now required to have extremely high quality in accordance with the progress in the degree of integration of semiconductor integrated circuits. Therefore, solvents, which account for 90 % of the weight of photoresist, are also required to have higher quality than before. Utilizing the new plant, SDK will start to produce cyclohexanone and several other solvents of super-high purity, and then increase the number of varieties of solvents produced after grasping the trends of the market and need of customers.