USA: Simsci from Schneider Electric Process Simulation in the Cloud

Editor: Alexander Stark

A new platform developed by Schneider Electric allows users to access SimSci software from anywhere.

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Online Schneider Electric is first to market process simulation software in the cloud.
Online Schneider Electric is first to market process simulation software in the cloud.
(Source: Schneider Electric)

Pasadena/USA — Schneider Electric, a specialist in energy management and automation, launched Simsci Online, a new cloud software platform for the company’s process design, simulation, training and optimization offerings. This release is the first process design and engineering software to be delivered as a service.

Businesses are increasingly burdened to deploy and manage multiple versions of software applications in today’s high-demand environments — particularly in process engineering departments, engineering firms, and operating companies in the power, oil and gas, chemicals and mining, metals and minerals (MMM) industries. Yearly licensing fees for simulation software can be cost prohibitive for smaller companies that might not be constantly using the software on projects as they grow their business. The platform provides access to the same simulation software as its on-premise solution, with the requirement of an Internet connection.

“With efficiency and connectivity being two differentiating factors in process engineering and optimization, too many of our customers are bogged down with managing multiple and disparate pieces of software,” said Tobias Scheele, Senior Vice President, Design, Simulation and Optimization Business, Schneider Electric. “By bringing our simulation capabilities to the cloud with Simsci Online, our users across industries, including the academic community of university students and researchers who want to use our simulation software anywhere and at any time, will benefit from having on-demand access to the Simsci tools they rely on daily.”

The first application to be launched will be Simsci Dynsim Online, a comprehensive, dynamic process simulator that enables process yield improvement and a reduction of capital investment costs. General Availability of Simsci Dynsim Online is planned for the end of 2016, with other applications to follow in 2017.