Customisable Pumps Plug-and-Play Pumps Set New Standard for Lube Oil Applications

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Circor has launched the Allweiler SNA (TM) series of customisable three-screw lube oil pumps for diverse API 676/682 applications. The series allows customised setups in any of the 12 ways, a choice of foot or flange mounting schemes, and the ability to adjust inlet and outlet positions at a moment's notice.

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The Allweiler SNA (TM) series is setting a new standard for API 676/682 pumps.
The Allweiler SNA (TM) series is setting a new standard for API 676/682 pumps.
(Source: Circor International)

"Allweiler SNA is a pump solution that adapts to your design, rather than making your design adapt to it, setting a new standard for API 676/682 applications," said Daniel Stirpe, Vice President Circor Industrial Pumps EMEA & APAC. "Using screw connections with two different flanges for the inlet and one for the outlet instead of welded connections and intuitive pump feet, the German-built Allweiler SNA become a plug-and-play solution for connecting lube oil applications with unprecedented ease."

The most common applications for the series include:

- Compressors, turbines and large scale pumps

- Refineries (gas compressors, gear boxes)

- Power plants (oil cooling, emergency and bearing pumps)

The pump is available in a bare shaft version but also as an aggregate solution complete with baseplate, coupling, lantern and motor. Built to API 676 guidance, the self-priming pump features 100 per cent steel spindles and housings to safeguard performance even under extreme operating conditions.

Sealing variants include a high-quality mechanical seal in standard versions, states the company. When more demanding applications call for the seal to have functions such as connecting additional sealing systems, leakage draining, easy maintenance and flagship reliability, Allweiler offers two compact cartridge seals corresponding to API 682.