Event Highlight Pharmapack Europe to Host Two New Zones in 2024

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Pharmapack Europe is all set to introduce two new zones – Packaging Services and Bio packaging at next year’s event. The additions have been made in the background of growing demand for biological packaging and contract packaging in the market.

Pharmapack Europe will introduce two new dedicated zones in 2024.
Pharmapack Europe will introduce two new dedicated zones in 2024.
(Source: Pharmapack)

Amsterdam/The Netherlands – Pharmapack Europe – the event at the heart of pharma’s drug delivery and packaging industry – will introduce two new dedicated zones in 2024. The new zones, namely Packaging Services and Bio packaging, will meet the growing demand for specialist biological packaging and Contract Packaging Organisations (CPO).

The new bio packaging zone builds on Pharmapack’s long pedigree at the forefront of innovations in biological drug delivery, with attendees now also looking for specialist bio packaging. Demand has risen rapidly in the last two years driven by the increasingly bespoke solutions required for very sensitive new modalities like mrna, the rapidly growing biologics pipeline and the need to increase access to biosimilars by lowering costs. All three of these trends require new bio packaging solutions and a central platform for partners to meet, connect and exchange ideas.

Similarly, the CDMO presence at Pharmapack has grown year-on-year and contract packaging and filling companies are now one of the fastest growing outsourcing sectors – with analysts anticipating a 57-billion-dollar market by 2030 (up from 31 billion dollars in 2021). The new Packaging Services zone will unite CMO, CDMO and contract packaging and services companies with cutting edge innovations spanning filling, consulting and even approaches to improve environmental impacts.

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“Like most areas of pharma in the last few years both contract packaging and bio packaging have evolved quickly to meet changing demands. To help the industry find their perfect partners and to sustain this growth we are introducing dedicated zones to accommodate exhibitors specialised in these solutions. For example, biologics are often reliant on innovative packaging to ensure both product quality and safety, but also, to help improve compliance and adherence.

Contract packaging is no less exciting and significant, with an expanding industry and localised and diversified supply chains now sought, we are anticipating this part of the show to grow quickly. In fact, we see growth in contract packaging coming from China, Europe and the USA for both innovators and generic companies.” commented Laura Indriksone, Brand Manager, Pharmapack.

More information will be available on the new zones after the closing of next month’s Pharmapack Europe 2023 (held in person February 1-2 and online from 18th Jan- 17th Feb) at the Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles. The event, with 320+ exhibitors, sees many of largest pharma device and packaging companies attend alongside early-stage innovations in the start-up hub – proving a window into both the year ahead and future innovations.

Informa expects that the new zones which will be an addition to the event in 2024, will attract wider audiences to Pharmapack from both inside and outside Europe. The event is now a key annual platform for industry insights and debate with dedicated expert content and online seminars already taking place. Not least into how packaging services can help speed innovations to market while reducing environmental impact; how biologic production can be made safer and cheaper through new innovations, with the recyclability and regulation of packaging another area of rapid advancements.


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