Optimising Yield for Solid/Liquid Herbal Extraction

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SPX e&e Series technology is fully engineered to meet the requirements of each specific application. It is designed to be flexible, enabling adaption to different product batches, changing consumer demands and the fashions of the marketplace. Systems can be designed to handle hundreds of different raw materials to produce large batches, or just a few hundred litres of extract.

Yield is of primary importance to production costs and SPX extraction vessels are designed to maximise yield and process efficiency. Automatic filling along with quick and easy discharge of raw material and cleaning enable increased productivity with rapid changeover between batches. The process can offer steaming, vacuum stripping, percolation and solvent recovery with batch sizes from 50 l up to 20 m3. SPX extraction plants have easy accessibility and low maintenance needs with assured hygienic standards maintained through clean in place (CIP) and sterilise in place (SIP) capability. kem