Optimising Yield for Solid/Liquid Herbal Extraction

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SPX percolators have a conical shape which distributes the solvent homogeneously while enabling easy discharge of material after the process. The liquid passes between channels in the particles of the raw material and through a sieve at the bottom of the machine. The raw material is not stirred during the process, leaving the solid bulk within the vessel undisturbed. This is combined with internal filtration during the extraction cycle to ensure that the liquid can be easily discharged at the end of the cycle. This system design requires less volume for extraction and enables the solvent to be conveniently handled in buffer/storage tanks.

Customise Your Extraction Process

Pressure can be varied from –1 to 24 bar for best process results and the filtration within these vessels offers a simpler and more efficient method of extraction. Integrated solvent recovery and liquid discharge supported by a vacuum further help with the process efficiency.


As much as technology helps to improve the yield and efficiency from the extraction process, understanding of the application and its goals are of vital importance to ensure optimal production.


SPX has a test centre in Warendorf, Germany, where pilot extraction, evaporation, distillation and drying can be carried out to trial processes and parameters used to ensure an efficient process with optimised yield and high-quality results. Pilot plants can also be rented for use at a customer’s site. Utilising the test centre and pilot plants can help determine the best type and ratio of solvent to raw material for new products and evaluate economic efficiency before investing in full-scale production capability. They further enable the design of the final system to be optimised to exactly meet the application needs and production goals.